Nordisk Furniture

"Organic by NSF" - organic shapes and innovation within school furniture with a focus on flexibilitet, function, design, security and colors.

NSF has taken our many years of knowledge in the production and installation of meeting and training rooms - and has established a furniture division with brand new CNC controlled maschines for furniture manufacturing.

The flexible furniture range consists of:

Learning Environments

We can now offer complete installation of meeting and training rooms:
Flexible school furniture supports processes ind the multi-functional and flexible classroom. A concept where everything in the room is flexible and where good design is combined med correct ergonomics.

Learn more about the many color and surface options on our newly developed school furniture, which of course i LGA/TÛV testet. All tables and chairs are design protected.

Be inspired - watch our film "The flexible classroom"

Test of the chair organic by NSF


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